Yorkshire on a shoestring

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If you’re looking for a UK holiday on a shoestring this year, then why choose Yorkshire?

Well, firstly….

…..Thrift – using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully – is a well known Yorkshire characteristic.

Hmmm… this said, even if it were true, it’s not necessarily contagious and meeting Yorkshire folk might not translate to a holiday on a shoestring for yourself.  I think a better answer would be…

To look at the reputation that Yorkshire earned last year in the World Travel Awards in Athens (August 2014).  Yorkshire was described as THE place to visit for a break from everyday life. Now THAT sounds good.  And it sounds like keeping life simple.

My favourite answer, though, I think would be to simply say that there are things of real beauty in Yorkshire.  And to enjoy them, you really need nothing more than to just be.

Be here.

Be outdoors in the Yorkshire Dales and a take in a deep breath of air.  Exhale slowly.  Look around you as you do and marvel at the scenery.

See the wildflower hay meadows in spring and early summer.  Count the number of different flowers and plant species you can see.  The Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust is doing some great work to save the remaining few meadows in the Dales.

Look at the landscapes and ponder awhile at the dry stone walls and field barns. The walls that climb high over the hills.  They are a work of art.

There is a great joy in slowing down and just taking yourself off to places of beauty and allowing yourself to switch off from gadgets and connect with the place around you.  That for me is life on a shoestring.

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