Wonderful walking to climb Sharp Haw

Sharp Haw

Climb a hill
Take in the view
Look all around you
From me to you
And breathe in the air
It’s fresh and crisp
Then you can tick
Wonderful Sharp Haw off your list

Do you love Sharp Haw too?

Situated on the edge of Skipton, it is a popular open summit but with space for all. It can be walked from Skipton/Stirton or from the opposite side of the hill via Flasby and Gargrave. We highly recommend discovering this little gem of a hill that always hits the mark when you’re looking for head space and chance to blow the cobwebs away!

Escaping to the hills on a local walk can be a wonderful time to find inspiration. Time spent in a cosy cottage, little walks and time to walk and write in your journal?

Sometimes allowing yourself a pass out and some ‘me time’ is all that is required to re-balance hectic lives.

Or perhaps you’re in a world of adjusting to home working full time, crafting your own boundaries and without a walk to work or commute, you feel the need to punctuate your day and get moving. This BBC News article puts forward a very informative piece about how to be happier while working from home. Sharp Haw would be a great choice for this, especially for the short walk to the summit gained from parking in the layby up the hill from Stirton. When are you going?

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