Winter walking in all the elements

Sometimes wintery weather does nothing to entice us outside to stretch our legs, and yet at other times it has the greatest appeal. I must admit, I love a good day hike in winter – provided I have all the right clothing and layers on, and am wrapped up to the elements. When crisp, winter days arrive with a morning ground frost and clear sky, the clarity of vision is superb – especially when the leaves from deciduous trees have long since fallen. Hiking in the Yorkshire Dales is a year-round activity for sure, you just need to be prepared.

This scene captures the essence of winter walking in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Winter walking

Top tips for hiking in winter?

Check a detailed weather forecast for the day, and make sure you pack at least one extra layer of clothing – more than you think you might need.

Don’t forget hats, gloves and scarves.

Make sure you have a map, compass and whistle with you – and if you can, it’s good practice to tell someone where you’re heading out to before you go.

And don’t forget to drink plenty of fluid. Often drinking fluids on colder days outside is not the first thing in our minds, but it really can help to give us the stamina that we need and avoid dehydration.

Pack some extra ’emergency rations’ to munch on if you get hunger outside meal times.

Pack a flask of a hot drink / soup, particularly if temperatures are very low.

Perhaps also considering planning a route that has a convenient cafe-stop-off part way round for lunchtime, and chance to warm up inside – or indeed choose a pit-stop at the end of your walk to enjoy a hot drink.

Where to stay?

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