Ready, set, go!

That sounds like the start of a running race, doesn’t it?


Running is something that I have enjoyed re-discovering in the past twelve months, including taking part in a couple of running races. That moment before the race begins is so full of anticipation and preparation – making sure that your shoe laces are well tied and footwear secure on your feet; feeling the crowds around you in shared expectation of the race ahead; trying to tune-out any ‘race fears’ of others around you and keeping the focus on your own race.

So why am I talking about running, when we’re thinking about holiday cottages?

For the simple reason that arriving well-prepared and raring-to-go for a running race, is rather like that return-from-holiday feeling when you’re refreshed and raring to go again. Both scenarios need good sleep and rest beforehand (and good nutrition helps too!).

When holidays are in mind, the benefits of this ‘time out’ often materialise as the course of a holiday progresses and the process of recharging is fully underway.

It is amazing what a good night’s sleep (or several) can do to recharge your body and mind, allowing you to waken feeling more refreshed than the day before and ready to tackle whatever the day holds. Our holiday cottages enjoy crisp, Egyptian cotton bed linen and throws and the beds have supportive mattresses. All rooms have windows that open to let fresh air in, or simply to hear a gentle background sound of the birds singing or perhaps the distant sound of sheep bleating.

Newton Cottage

A holiday can provide time away from the ever-present distractions and ‘jobs’ of home. Removing such things from our lives temporarily can be exactly what we need when our ‘batteries’ are running low and need topping up. Sometimes this happens quickly and other times a slower, more gentle pace is needed before we feel ready-to-go again.


Spending time doing more of the things we love also helps our energy levels and general wellbeing. Sometime it can be easier to access when on holiday and away from home and the commitments of everyday life. What do you wish to do more of?


For me, it’s definitely time outside generally, and hopefully spend doing active pursuits that I love – such as hill walking, running, cycling, paddleboarding, wild swimming and attending movement classes from Body Balance to Tai Chi.


I also enjoy spending time in the garden (although I have a lot to learn where gardening is concerned!). I am also a huge fan of reading, planning/discovering adventures and baking.

Reading outdoors

I enjoy hanging out with my family and chatting to friends – just generally being in the company of others.

Tai Chi on the hill

Outings to the theatre, or quirkly cinemas like Ilkley are my thing, and finding new places in the Yorkshire Dales that I haven’t discovered before gives me a real buzz too. If I am away by the sea I love to run along a beach, and jump in and out of the sea. It’s fair to say that all of things cannot take place simultaneously whilst holidaying with a young family, but many can be inter-twined and enjoyed in moments of time out, and that for me is a good thing.

All these things can be enjoyed at Newton Grange Holiday Cottages in Bank Newton, North Yorkshire. We hope that our guests leave feeling more relaxed and rested than when they arrived, and their time here has been memorable and enjoyable too.

Newton Grange Holiday Cottages

Walking up the hill

Did your last holiday leave you ready to say ‘Ready, set, GO…!’ ?

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