In search of the simple things in life

So I put down my phone, my computer – the screen – the words and images that demand an ‘always on’ world.  How there remains little room to think and breathe and look up and out.

I retreat and open the door to the dining room.  It is still.  Inside at least.  I look outside and see the garden bushes and trees blowing in the wind.  It is Thursday afternoon, a peaceful time.

I sit down at the table and with a jam jar of colours and a sketch book.  I think and remember for a passing moment how it was when I was at school.  A table, a chair.  A classroom. Pen and ink and a hand furiously scribbling to put thoughts down on paper, until the bell rings.

How busy and non-stop have our lives become in this digital age?  As I sit and write and enjoy watching the sheep and lambs outside in the fields I can empathise with the writer we had to stay recently. In search of the space and the environment befitting to creativity.  To gain inspiration, ideas and let the imagination surge with an abundance of ideas and words.

Fresh air outside and flowers in a glass.  It’s time for me.  Me and my writing. The happy combination of pen and ink moving along the page.

Just like the piano, inviting me to sit down and play, I am drawn in to writing, wherever it may lead.

I am reminded of the need to pause for a moment to enjoy the stillness here.  To remember the simple things in life.  The joy of looking outside to the rolling green hills.

And what to write of?

For me writing  is about sharing something about what I love to do and see.  Those who know me well would describe my love of walking, cycling and sporting challenges.  The joy of baking and sharing a meal with family and friends. Taking part and embracing local events and charity fundraising.  I love to explore Yorkshire and try out new ideas.

Over the next few weeks and months I hope to share more about my love of Yorkshire and enjoying the simple things in life.  A chance to explore my love of writing once again.

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