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Summer Hay Meadows in the Yorkshire Dales

Summer hay meadows, did you say? But it’s December. Quite. But I like to think back to six month’s ago in June and midsummer days because even on the greyest of days, it cheers me up. I remember that sure enough spring appears leading in to those long summer days that I so cherish.

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Winter walking in all the elements

Sometimes wintery weather does nothing to entice us outside to stretch our legs, and yet at other times it has the greatest appeal. I must admit, I love a good day hike in winter – provided I have all the right clothing and layers on, and am wrapped up to the elements. When crisp, winter […]

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Early Autumn, an extra special time of year

Changing seasons offer a sense of delight in the natural world. As the end of summer approaches and the very beginning of autumn arrives, I am reminded of a wonderfully atmospheric walk I took one morning from Newton Grange a few years ago in the first week of October. 

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Musings on the longest day of the year

Today, the 21st June, is Midsummer’s Day when we recognise the Summer Solstice and the longest day of daylight in the northern hemisphere. For me, Midsummer’s Day has often been a day that has been long awaited in the middle of winter when I crave daylight – and sunshine – more than ever. Now today […]

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Autumn leaves when the grass is jewelled…

And the silk inside a chestnut shell Jetplanes in the air to be refuelled All these things I love so well So I mustn’t forget No, I mustn’t forget To say a great big Thank  You I mustn’t forget…

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Lambs and springtime at Newton Grange

What a delight to see the lambs out enjoying the sunshine today in the fields.  I thought you’d like to see a few photographs of the new arrivals here at Newton Grange.

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