Capturing our wishes for the future in Lockdown

In the midst of home schooling in “Lockdown 1”, the girls and I spent some time thinking about what we’d love to do when Lockdown was through. We wrote down these ideas on little sheets of paper and posted them in to our Wish Boxes, which we made from the Junk Modelling pile. We have enjoyed re-visiting them since.

Wish Boxes

It really made us think about the little things in life that we took for granted pre-Covid… the hugs, the people, the playtimes, actually seeing people in person and having a conversation.

“Lockdown 2” feels very different in our family, mainly because of primary school and childminding provision we didn’t have before (I am so thankful for that!), and so there’s a lot less junk modelling going on.

But I think we’ll still revisit the boxes in this phase of Lockdown and select another colour of paper to capture our wishes right now. Who knows, some of them may even come true and in the process we’ll have let our feelings out in the process. That’s no bad thing.

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