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Summer Hay Meadows in the Yorkshire Dales

Summer hay meadows, did you say? But it’s December. Quite. But I like to think back to six month’s ago in June and midsummer days because even on the greyest of days, it cheers me up. I remember that sure enough spring appears leading in to those long summer days that I so cherish.

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Winter walking in all the elements

Sometimes wintery weather does nothing to entice us outside to stretch our legs, and yet at other times it has the greatest appeal. I must admit, I love a good day hike in winter – provided I have all the right clothing and layers on, and am wrapped up to the elements. When crisp, winter […]

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Look forward to stargazing at the amazing Dales Dark Skies Festival in February

I have heard it several times from returning guests and a friend who lives locally in Gargrave, the impact of travelling out of the town and the village to Bank Newton and how the stars hit you! There is very much less light pollution here at Newton Grange Farm, and in a similar way, this […]

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Majestic Malham Cove

It was a week day in September. Schools had just gone back. This felt like a monumental moment this year after the extended closures during the Lockdown and I think we were all glad about it, if a little apprehensive. Most of the past few months had been our family of four at home, mainly, […]

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Wonderful walking to climb Sharp Haw

Climb a hill Take in the view Look all around you From me to you And breathe in the air It’s fresh and crisp Then you can tick Wonderful Sharp Haw off your list

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Don’t miss Skipton Castle Woods

Skipton Castle Woods is a captivating place that we have loved spending time in this autumn. It is so close to the top of town and accessible from it, that it’s quite possible to combine a visit to the High Street’s Eateries with a walk in the woods.

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Puddle Jumping – One of life’s simple pleasures

When did you last discover the joy of puddle jumping?

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Daily Bread

Daily bread. Many local food and drink businesses are offering vouchers as gifts for those looking to enjoy food and drink together – what better way to support local this Christmas.

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Expedition or gentle stroll?

Do you prefer a mini-expedition or a gentle stroll?

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More cheese please

More Cheese, Gromit? Wensleydale please. And ginger thrown in – brilliant.

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